Description of business

A world standard to Japan And power of Japan to the world We are consulting group reclaiming the global market.

  • FUJI PLAN Co.,Ltd started as a consulting company of the global business in 2009.
  • We have been consulting in marketing area globally.
  • According to our marketing research and plannning, we suggest total solution would be requied.
  • We have worked as WEB, e commerce production, business including the security of the sponsor and publicity activity, sales campaign, and we have made bright outcome.
  • We have partner companies in United States, Paris, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Bali that build the system to support a great variety of demands of client now.
  • The concrete consultant content as follows.

1. Overseas cosmetics, the marketing research of the healthy food and product development.

There are cosmetics and supplements which is not introduced in Japan. We purchase these products and research in marketing and developing with United States, France, Denmark, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

2. Suggestion of the development and production of original products system in foreign countries

Through our market research in overseas, we pick some products which Japanese people like, and we develope the product with our oversea partners and manufacturers.
We support total consulting that reformulate ingredient of cosmetics and supplement, packing design and naming the products.
We could consult of the ingredients and the package design of cosmetics and supplement, the naming of the products.

3. Proposed sysytem of shipping products in foreign countries

Introducing of shipping supplier in USA and Hong-Kong which inspect for the products, safekeeping and shipment.

4.Market needs grasp and product plan by the marketing research

  • Thorough market research, understand the customer's needs, and planing the products development.
  • Through cooperative firm, developing original cosmetics and supplement products.
  • Through using variety tools of communication, promoting sales promotion.
  • Getting new customers and promoting re-purchase rate.
  • Researching sales data such as customers, composition of commodities, and re-purchase channel.
  • Homepage operation
  • Sending e-mail magazine for continuous management of customers.
  • Order management and management inquiry of customers.