Greeting of President. Management slogan

Greeting of President

There is not it in Japan. There is it in the world.

Aims to create global customer satisfaction!

When I think about the creation of customer satisfaction, I'll not be able to talk and think about it within the framework of "Japan" anymore.
When I went overseas, I feel that Japanese people will not recognize properly the " goodness of Japan " very much , not also recognize the "goodness of overseas.
I think if I can introduce products into global after having recognized domestic and foreign good points properly, I'll be able to create the true customer satisfaction.
I have a conviction that when you watch Japan from the world, it's attractive and fantastic.
And it is same, when we look at the world from Japan too.
But it is very difficult to exchange it each other.
If I'll be able to find our significance of being there, and if I 'll be able to introduce the good point into the whole world, and contribution to society is possible, there cannot be the so glad thing,
It is "Grobal creation of the customer satisfaction" that we aim.

CEO Toru Fujioka

Management slogan

Thank for all.

Some people can advance no matter what they do.
Some people cannot advance no matter what they do.
The difference is only whether or not you have a gratitude.
Our slogan is to have a feeling of thankfulness toward everything.

  • We thank for the society where we can be working
  • We thank our parents whom we brought up
  • We thank friends and family supporting us.
  • We thank customers patronage towards our company.
  • We thank business partners having their cooperate.
  • And we thank for there being life today.